Times change at a rapid pace and so do the ways we communicate. The digitisation of the buying process has inspired us to stop and reflect, so that we could find a way to better serve our customers and simplify the choices you make. So, we’ve decided to redesign our website with the scope of turning it into a tool that better suits your needs.

The dictate that has guided us in the process has been our desire for the website to become an online catalogue of all our products, so that you can practically reach out and touch our creations. We also hope that, as you browse, you’ll discover the technology and expertise that’s been at the heart of what we do for over 30 years.

We’ve created an online display where you can learn more about our history, and where you can find all of our creations, divided into useful categories and enriched by helpful product specifications. The user experience has been our polestar in this process, guided by the idea of ‘less is more’. In other words, we’ve simplified everything by removing superfluous content to let the true stars shine: our chairs.

Moreover, we’ve added a special section dedicated to accessories and one for upholstery, as some chairs can be customized to create a product that perfectly meets your needs.

The menu has been streamlined, designed to get straight to the point. After all, time is precious and now, more than ever, we seem to have less of it.

The website has even been enriched by videos that illustrate and explain the technology at the core of our chairs, so that you can fully understand the potential of our products and use them to their fullest.

We’ve kept the blog section and will be adding to and expanding it in the future. New posts will cover a broad range of topics: style, products, a bit of news about our industry and—why not?—a few posts to talk a bit more about us. Because we believe that customers who choose Gierre, also choose our team and our background.

A little spoiler: we’ll soon rev the social media engine, keeping those who have chosen us already (and those who will place their trust in us in the future) up-to-date. So, stay tuned!